“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

- Milton Glaser


Michael Grossman has been a pioneer at the forefront of User Experience Design since 1992, leading highly productive and cohesive teams to achieve outstanding business results. His diverse experience is both strategic and tactical and he is known for his excellent internal and external client relations. Familiar with state of the art and current UX methodologies, Michael's contributions support organizations that have a highly engaged user base which depend upon well-designed applications to perform their daily activities.

With a focus on Fortune 500 Financial Services Institutes since 1997, Grossman's core talents are creating Listening Channels with users, working with product managers to develop innovative products and features, and designing user interfaces that create repeated, great experiences. Once areas of well researched innovation are identified, Grossman shepherds the best ideas through the product life cycle with technology and vets them with users.

Grossman joined Deutsche Bank as a founding member of the Deutsche Bank Labs innovation team. He helped this global, senior team of innovation speciliasts to deliver clear, strong messages on their work and mission to both internal employees and external parties. These included internal websites, executive presentations and materials for conferences and other events. He was also a member of the Unified Client Experience team, responsible for transforming the client experience through initiatives such as creating common internal methodologies, shared services and SDKs on a global level.

At UBS, Grossman was responsible for hiring a senior team of UX researchers and creative technologists and for delivering highly usable applications for financial advisors and their teams. He met and exceeded the organization's expectations of this challenging assignment. Through research and design, the applications that were created had a significant impact on the field while supporting the business to successfully implement their wealth transformation strategy. His contributions saved the field time and elevated the content and branding to his clients. Applications ranged from web to tablet to mobile. Delivering a continuous multiscreen ecosystem was the strategic objective and this key objective was achieved. He created a Listening Channel with users across the U.S who were actively engaged in all parts of the SDLC.

Grossman was a key innovator and contributor at EBS. As a critical part of the Product Management team, Michael helped to shape and enhance the business innovation for the organization. EBS is the global leader in the spot FX trading venue, with more than 800 client trading floors in 45 countries. This mature platform has a highly engaged user base that is very resistant to change. Michael's final project was to lead an international research effort to understand how to transform the platform. This Listening Channel Report included a heat map of change tolerance on EBS products, illustrated the trading process and user ecosystem, exposed strategic issues and ultimately clarified for the organization the key stakeholders that would benefit from their design expertise.

At Merrill Lynch, Grossman was a senior member of the UI team that designed Trusted Global Advisor, the broker workstation used by financial consultants in over 25,000 offices. He designed complex financial applications and created user interface standards for the platform.

Well positioned to assume an executive/leadership role, Grossman has collaborated and studied with UX thought leaders, including Jared Spool, Alan Cooper, Steve Portigal, Jacob Nielson, Edward Tufte, Mark Hurst, Bill Buxton, Peter Morville, Kim Goodwin and Clement Mok.

Grossman is an international traveler and has authored several articles for UX Magazine. He has stayed current in his field, attending conferences, including CHI, Jared Spool's UI Conference, GEL with Mark Hurst and UX Lisbon. He continues to participate in courses on new technologies and methodologies in his field. He has been a member of The Councils by Creative Good and has been a member of the ACM since 1999. He is a seasoned presenter on UX and is frequently invited to be a keynote speaker to audiences interested in expanding their knowledge in User Experience.

Michael has a B.S. in Music with a concentration in Jazz from Hofstra University. He enjoys fine cooking, playing his bass guitar, gardening, and with his wife, parenting their three children in Princeton, NJ.

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