Michael Grossman

UX strategist, researcher, prototyper, visual designer, collaborator.



Michael Grossman has been a pioneer User Experience Design throughout his career, leading highly productive and cohesive teams to achieve outstanding business results. He is a hands-on User Experience Designer whose UX skill include performing user research to understand demanding users, delivering actionable findings, identifying product features that will delight users, wireframing and prototyping of new ideas, and being a valuable partner to all key stakeholders. He has formed highly performant, senior UX teams, evangelized UX within organizations with complex challenges and has helped companies deliver on their vision. His key strengths are:

  • Uncovering deep, strategic insights through user research with highly actionable findings
  • Working with very passionate, hard-to-please users from foreign exchange traders to wealth management teams
  • Ability to identify design solutions when users are highly averse to change
  • Extensive experience in user-centered design, prototyping, usability testing, user interface design, information architecture and business analysis
  • Developed a UX service catalog for business and technology partners to better understand the cost and effort of UX services
  • Nurturing strong relationships with the diverse stakeholders involved on large projects

Over his career, Michael has collaborated and studied with UX thought leaders, including Jared Spool, Alan Cooper, Steve Portigal, Edward Tufte, Mark Hurst, Peter Morville, Kim Goodwin and Clement Mok. He has a B.S. in Music with a concentration in Jazz, enjoys photography, cooking, making music, and with his wife, parenting their three children in Princeton, New Jersey.

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