Michael Grossman

UX strategist, researcher, prototyper, visual designer, collaborator.

User Experience Designer

I'm passionate about delivering repeated good experiences. Engineering experiences that are effortless and affording people what they need to do. Transforming experience into one that your customers love through empathy and design.

With over 20 years in financial User Experience (UX) strategy and execution, I help companies to implement their 10,000-foot vision for their products or services internal and client user experience A manager and an individual contributor leading high performance teams solving complex design challenges for multiple user profiles.  A strong collaborator who works with a variety of teams from delivering industry leading UX interfaces and solutions.


  • User Experience Strategist
  • User Research (Ethnographer)
  • Usability Engineer
  • Visual Designer
  • Wireframer/Prototyper
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Level Collaborator

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